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USCF News regarding Coronavirus

Next scheduled Monday Night meeting will be Monday, ...

The governor has extended the Illinois shut down through the end of June. Chess may have to wait until the social distancing is lifted as players at the board will not be the required 6 feet apart.

This, of course, means that all club meetings and after school chess programs are still cancelled until the situation ends. See your chess coach for concerns about private lessons.

Watch this space for further information.

Monday Night Kingsmen & Friday Night Hult Chess Club

Over the board meetings have been canceled for the duration of the lockdown.
Watch this web page for updated information.

Kingsmen Online Play

The Kingsmen Chess Club will meet online every Monday night at 7pm on Zoom with a 7:30pm tournament on You can join us by using these links:

Monday January 11th:

6:30 pm: Zoom Meeting 868 7578 4848

7:00 pm: Peoria Kingsmen tournament 1948720

You don't have to wait until Monday to join the tournament. You can join anytime, but the games won't start until 7:30pm on Monday. See you online soon!

Hult Online Play

The Hult Youth Chess Club (K-12) will meet online every Friday night at 6:30 on Zoom with a 7pm tournament on You can join us by using these links:

Friday January 8th:

6:30 pm: Zoom Meeting 147 555 122

7:00 pm: Hult Chess Club tournament 1947295

You don't have to wait until Friday to join the tournament. You can join anytime, but the games won't start until 7pm on Friday. See you online soon!

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Current 2020 Greater Peoria Championship Invitational Qualifiers

2020 Monday Night Schedule with Results

After 30 years of service, Wayne Zimmerle is stepping down as leader of the Monday night chess club. Financial responsibilities for the club will be taken over by the Foundation. The club is looking for new leadership. The club will continue to meet every Monday and Wayne plans to still join us as a player.
Thank you Wayne for your long and dedicated service to our chess community.

2020 Ladder

Ladder ratings are intended to reflect a combination of chess skills and participation in the Kingsmen Chess Club. Ladder ratings start fresh at the beginning of each calendar year. Players enter the Ladder with a rating of 1600. Ladder games are weighted so that games with time controls up to Game 20 are rated normally. Between Game 20 and up to 40 are double weighted. Between Game 40 and 60 are triple weighted. All time controls over game 60 will be 4 times the regular weight. There will be no double or nothing play. Players who participate in the majority of the evenings scheduled event or at least the equivalent of 4 speed games shall receive a bonus 15 points added to their Ladder rating after that event has been calculated.

Current Ladder Standings through April 17, 2020
Player NameClub Rating
Bendoraitis, Kurt1772
Li, Michael1761
Leali, Mike1755
Garrett, Daniel1751
McConaghie, Pete1712
Mungee, Kushal1695
Beecher, Alex1690
Fang, Elbert1679
Davis, Kelly1679
Alkhafaji, Laith1679
Rhodes, Murrel1666
Adamson, Clayton1657
Zhang, Owen1618
Calhoun, Caleb1601
Suarez, Ron1565
Mykytiuk, Nathan1554
Ringel, Orion1551
Wei, Roy1551
Ford, Adam1551
Lagouros, Evan1502
Wiegman, Grant1466

Ladder History

We meet at the Life Together Center at the corner of War Memorial Drive and Sheridan Road.
The Chess entrance is on the side of the building near the front.

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