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Peoria Championship

Peoria Championship Delayed

Due to the Coronavirus, the Peoria Championship has been postponed until the hiatus has ended. All regular Monday night meetings have also been canceled.

We will update everyone once we are cleared to resume activities. At that time, when we know the dates, those who have qualified or have been chosen by committee to fill the open slots, will be contacted to be sure they are available to play.

The Peoria Championship Tournament

12 players qualify by various means (previous finalsists are automatically seeded, qualifying tournament winners & winner of the 3 major wekend tournaments qualify and the remainder are chosen by committee selection). players are divided into 2 sections of 6 players each. Each section plays a round robin and the section winners then meet in a match to determine the winner.
Adhering to Tournament Schedule:
Players who qualify or are invited to participate in the City Championship are expected to play all games. Agreeing to participate in the tournament is a commitment to play all scheduled games. Prior to the beginning of the tournament, if a player is unable to play in more than one scheduled game, they should notify the committee so an alternate can be selected.

If after the tournament begins, a player becomes unable to play on a scheduled date, they must notify the opponent and the committee prior to the scheduled date in order to select a new date that is agreeable to all parties. If at all possible the the new date should be a date prior to the scheduled date.The new date must not be more than two weeks from the original date. Failure to do so will result in the game being ruled a forfeit.

Any player who agrees to participate in the City Championship and withdraws will be barred from participation in the following year's tournament. Any player who forfeits more than one round will be withdrawn from the tournament and subsequently barred from participating in the following year's tournament.

2020 Peoria Championship Qualifiers

1Defending ChampionDaniel Garrett
22019 Runner-upAlex Beecher
32019 Greater Peoria OpenMichael Li
42019 Bradley Summer OpenOwen Zhang
5Kingsmen Fall into Chess tournamentPeter McConaghie
62019 Kingsmen LadderMike Leali
Kingsmen Winter QualifierNo Player Qualified
7 & 8Kingsmen 2020VisionKurt Bendoraitis & Kushal Mungee (tie)
92020 BWO (Mark Twain Open)Clayton Adamson
Kingsmen Last Chance QualifierNo Player Qualified
10, 11 & 12To Be Determined by Committee
Qualifying tournaments send the highest scoring player from the top section to the championship, previously qualified players not counted. Players must have a plus score in games played to qualify. Remaining players will be selected by the committee based on 2019 eligibiliity rules.