City Championship Results
Daniel Garrett is the 2019 City Champion
 Annotated Games from The City Championship
2020 City Championship Changes

Clayton Adamson is our first Shadow King

ChessMate from October 1983

Sadly Carl Dolson has passed away

Daniel Garrett is the 2017 Peoria City Champion

The 2017 City Championship - see standings etc here

Daniel wins the first game in the playoffs.  Here is a link to the game.

Pete wins game 2 to tie the playoffs.  Here is a link to the game.

Updated 7/3/17 Annotated Game Results

Bradley Summer Open Results

The 39th Tazewell Scholastic Tournament Results

2017 City Championship Invitational Qualifiers

7/20/2016 Annotated City Championship Games

Andrew Fei is the Peoria Invitational City Champion for 2016.

See the Playoff games here.  (Last two on the list.)

The 2016 City Championship - with Qualifers

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Quick Compare USCF Individual Results.

Chess inside the Travelodge.

Annotated Games from this years City Championship 7/19/2015 Includes the two Playoff Games

2015 City Championship Standings

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Traveling Trophies

Mike Leali is the 2014 City Champion.

Click here to see playoff games.


2014 City Championship Details and Pairings

----City Championship Current Standings----

updated 5/22/14 Link to annotated 2014 City Invitational Game scores


The 50th Anniversary 2014 Greater Peoria Open  April 26th and 27th

The Zwischenzug Times

Andrew Fei repeats as Peoria City Champion.

Click here to view game 1.

Click here to view game 2.

 2013 City Championship Invitational Standings & Pairings

All played games have been rated.

Games from the 2013 City Championship


Mozart of Chess: Magnus Carlsen - 60 Minutes Interview

Andrew Fei is the 2012 Peoria City Champion.  At age 12 and in the 6th grade he is the youngest City Chess Champion Peoria has ever had.  And if you think it was somehow easy simply take a look at the Championship detail link below.

Here is a link to the Peoria Journal Star Article about Andrew.

Andrew Fei 2012 City Champion with Coach Murrel Rhodes presenting him the Traveling Trophy.

Play through the Playoff games here.

The 2012 Peoria City Championship Details 

 Qualifier Game Scores are here  updated 05/30/2012

    Click here to see photos of round 1.

Download the PGN file of the qualifier games for external useage here



Sad News

I just learned that Jack Richardson a long time club member passed away March 21st while visiting in Texas.

Here is a link to his obituary.


2011 City Championship - Results

Michael Leali is the 2011 Peoria City Champion

He won the playoff match with a score of 2 1/2 to 1 1/2 

Games (Includes Playoffs) from the 2011 City Championship Updated 8/17/2011


The Peoria City Championship has winners in each section.  This has been rated.  (Click here to see the MSA page.)  Peter McConaghie won Section A, while Mike Leali won Section B.  They will have the play off starting July 25th in a best of 3 games with Mike having white in round 1.

The 47th Greater Peoria Open Results

 Click Here to see the winner of the 2011 GPO Best Game Prize of $100


Lakeview Museum Sweet Scholastic Results

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I've just been informed that Bill Wilkinson has passed away.

His obituary is here.

In it it mentions that Bill was a member of the GPCF.  In reality for years Bill was the GPCF.


Peoria January 29th  Results

Open Section

Scholastic Section


Congratulations to Timur Aliyev for finishing 41st in the Open Section of the North American Open just held in Las Vegas.

He finished with a score of 4 out of 6.   He had three wins and two draws and just one loss, that against a 2508 rated player.


Results of the 2010 Washington Dist 52 Scholastic

Results of the Lakeview 2010 Fall Scholastic

Congratulations to all the competitors of the 2010 All Grade Chess State Championships

Peoria did exceedingly well. This was accomplished by hard work and great parents. 500 to 600 players from all over the state came to Whitney Young School in Chicago. The accommodations were wonderful.

Congratulate the players when you get a chance. In March we go to the State Elementary Chess Championships. Check the calendar for upcoming tournaments and events.

8th Grade of 48


7th Grade of 47



5th Grade of 58




4th Grade of 67



46 | LEON LI

2nd Grade of 50; Peoria Academy won the 5th Place Team Trophy in the State!!!




1st Grade of 26



Results of Peoria Academy October 30th Scholastic


Bradley Summer Open

Click here to see The USCF MSA rating results.

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot Place
1 Nikhilesh Kumar 2343 W15 W7 W4 W3 4.0 1st
2 Seth D Chiles 1685 W26 D22 W5 W6 3.5 2nd
3 Petros Karagianis 2272 W17 W16 W11 L1 3.0
4 Yue Xu 1786 W18 W21 L1 W16 3.0 1st B
5 Don J Bruemmer 1618 W27 W14 L2 D10 2.5
6 Anshul Adve 1720 D23 W20 W22 L2 2.5
7 Randy M Crum 1570 W31 L1 W23 D9 2.5 1st C
8 Michael Leali 1966 L21 W24 W17 D12 2.5 Tie for 1st A
9 Kevin Megill 1700 L14 W30 W15 D7 2.5
10 Brian Villarreal 1804 L22 W26 W29 D5 2.5 Tie for 1st A
11 William A Naff 2001 W28 W29 L3 H--- 2.5
12 R Wayne Zimmerle 1629 W30 U--- W18 D8 2.5
13 Abhijit R Manohar 1631 H--- U--- W14 W21 2.5
14 Jeffrey Xue 1138 W9 L5 L13 W28 2.0 Tie for 1st D
15 Samuel Josep Heil 1496 L1 W27 L9 W22 2.0
16 Mohammed A S Khan 1584 W25 L3 W28 L4 2.0
17 Carl L Dolson 1478 L3 W25 L8 W26 2.0
18 Adam M Ford 1256 L4 W32 L12 W27 2.0 Tie for 1st D
19 Mike Butzirus 1667 D24 D23 D21 D20 2.0
20 Rudy R Padilla 1503 H--- L6 W24 D19 2.0
21 Hanson Hao 1292 W8 L4 D19 L13 1.5 Top Upset  674 points
22 Andrew Yueyan Fei 1261 W10 D2 L6 L15 1.5
23 James R Kelly 1240 D6 D19 L7 H--- 1.5
24 Vimal Bellamkonda 873 D19 L8 L20 W30 1.5
25 Rajiv Patel-o'Connor 777 L16 L17 D30 W31 1.5
26 Thomas Anderson 1115 L2 L10 W31 L17 1.0
27 Darren Erickson 820 L5 L15 W32 L18 1.0
28 Niresh Kuganeswaran 1428 L11 W31 L16 L14 1.0
29 Richard L Rector 1547 W32 L11 L10 U--- 1.0
30 Sean Joseph Patrick 870 L12 L9 D25 L24 0.5
31 Kiran Patel-o'Connor 737 L7 L28 L26 L25 0.0
32 Autumn Henderson 178 L29 L18 L27 U--- 0.0


Midstate Chess Camp Tournament Results

Midstate Chess Camp Tournament: Upper

# Name
Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot
1 Chetan B Reddy
1409 W7 W2 W3 W6 4.0
2 Sean Patrick
870 W8 L1 W4 D5 2.5
3 Andrew Yueyan Fei
1246 W10 D4 L1 W9 2.5
4 Jeffrey Xue
1138 W9 D3 L2 W7 2.5
5 Nikhil Pallem
1075 L6 W7 W8 D2 2.5
6 Yiliang Li
904 W5 L8 W9 L1 2.0
7 Ishaar Ganesan
972 L1 L5 W10 L4 1.0
8 Vimal Bellamkonda
873 L2 W6 L5 L10 1.0
9 Joseph Gamble
735 L4 W10 L6 L3 1.0
10 Charles L Clemmer
945 L3 L9 L7 W8 1.0

Midstate Chess Camp Tournament: Lower

# Name
Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot
1 Jacob Gen Clemmer
510 D5 W7 W11 W2 3.5
2 James Wang
571 W9 W6 W4 L1 3.0
3 Kushal Mungee
612 W8 L4 W6 W5 3.0
4 Leon Li
316 W13 W3 L2 W8 3.0
5 Len Brown
unr. D1 W9 W10 L3 2.5
6 Jazel Carr
unr. W7 L2 L3 W13 2.0
7 Jose G Ramirez
494 L6 L1 W13 W10 2.0
8 Therin Tun
235 L3 B--- W12 L4 2.0
9 Autumn Henderson
178 L2 L5 B--- W11 2.0
10 Brendan Xue
432 W12 D11 L5 L7 1.5
11 Nicholas Kolettis
165 B--- D10 L1 L9 1.5
12 Alex Stephan
unr. L10 D13 L8 B--- 1.5
13 Eddie Zhang
unr. L4 D12 L7 L6 0.5