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World Chess Links - Ron Suarez

The Daily Dirt Chess Blog - Wayne Zimmerle

USCF Membership Numbers  - Wayne Zimmerle

Chess Training  -  Ron Suarez

Chess Tactics  -- Ron Suarez

United States Chess Federation Chat Forum - Bill Brock

How to set your digital Chess Clock   by Murrel Rhodes

Chess Puzzles by GMS  - Ron Suarez

Bill Wall's Chess Page has over 600 chess links

Chess Tactics Server suggested by Ron Suarez

Visual Lines of Force  Suggested by Murrel Rhodes

This is an interesting page that shows the computer analysing with graphic lines of force during the chess game.

If you have problem with the pages chess engine try using FireFox or Netscape instead of Internet Explorer.

Quad Cities Chess Links By Wayne Zimmerle

1.b4 - A Short History of an Unusual Opening By Wayne Zimmerle

The Birth and Death of the First Chess Machine by Laszlo Naszodi

Chess Games by Ron Suarez

Chessville  by Murrel Rhodes

Illinois Chess Association Chess Discussion Board By Wayne Zimmerle

Lots of Good Chess Stuff    By Dan Schaidle by Pete Karagianis

UK Chess Website  By Dan Schaidle

G. Ossimitz: Chess Page By Ron Suarez by Martin Wilber

Chess in Chicago  By Wayne Zimmerle

Chess Visualisation Training By Wayne Zimmerle By Pete Karagianis

 Loiodice's Chess Collection  By Wayne Zimmerle  by Ron Suarez

Is Chess Decidable?  by Murrel Rhodes