GPCF Blitz Champions

Blitz Champions

Blitz Traveling Trophy

Game 5 no delay -- 5 rounds to qualify -  then a 4 man round robin of the top 4 players to come out on top and gain possession of the Traveling Blitz Trophy.

Tiebreaks will not be used.  If necessary to break ties Game 3 will be played.  If there is a 4 way tie then the tied players will play a round robin.  Then if there is still a tie those players will play off.  Should there be more than 4 players tied then a elimination Game 3 Swiss will be played.  (We have to be somewhat flexible with the details of these playoffs.  The General rule of thumb is that we will use whichever system is most determintal to Andy Voss's chances. :) )

Andy deserves honerable mention here because in the vast majority of these events he has clearly won the qualifer events.

8/27/2018 Pete Karagianis

8/28/2017 Wayne Zimmerle

10/3/2016 Mike Leali

8/31/2015 Wayne Zimmerle

6/30/2014 Andrew Fei

11/11/2013 Ron Suarez

04/22/2013 Michael Leali

04/16/2012 Murrel Rhodes

04/18/2011 Nikhilesh Kumar Kunche

6/28/2010 Peter McConaghie

11/23/2009 Peter McConaghie

01/26/2009 Sohail Uppal

08/25/2008 Murrel Rhodes

02/25/2008  Henry Getz

04/09/2007 Michael Leali

1/22/2007 Murrel Rhodes

4/17/2006 Henry Getz

11/07/2005 Wayne Zimmerle

08/29/2005 - Henry Getz

6/27/2005 - Pete Karagianis

4/11/2005  - Mike Leali