Nikhilesh Kumar Kunche is now the current GPCF Blitz Champion.

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Blitz Traveling Trophy Championship Qualifier Event

#NameRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Nikhilesh Kumar KuncheW8W9W7W2W35.0
2Peter Mc ConaghieW7W3W4L1W104.0
3Andy VossW5L2W9W8L13.0
4Bob DreessenW6W11L2L10W93.0
5R Wayne ZimmerleL3L7W11W12W83.0
6Jack W RichardsonL4B---L8W7W113.0
7Shashank BeerlaL2W5L1L6W122.0
8Adam A LonnL1W12W6L3L52.0
9Drew StreitmatterW12L1L3W11L42.0
10Murrel RhodesH---H---U---W4L22.0
11Jon DakerB---L4L5L9L61.0
12Randy M CrumL9L8B---L5L71.0

Playoff to determine players 3 and 4 (played at game 3)
#NameRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Tot
1Andy VossW4W2W33.0
2R Wayne ZimmerleW3L1W42.0
3Jack W RichardsonL2W4L11.0
4Bob DreessenL1L3L20.0

Blitz Traveling Trophy Championship Finals.
#NameRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Tot
1Nikhilesh Kumar KuncheW3W4W23.0
2Peter Mc ConaghieW4W3L12.0
3Andy VossL1L2W41.0
4R Wayne ZimmerleL2L1L30.0