Tazewell County Elementary School 32nd Annual Chess Tournament

Georgetown Middle School
February 13, 2010

One hundred thirty five students in grades three through eight from
seventeen Tazewell County schools and some students that are home
schooled participated in a five round tournament. Members from the
Greater Peoria Chess Federation volunteered to be the judges and were
directed by Jim Vernon. The building host was Robert Ketcham, Principal
and Jolyon Webb coordinated the event. Trophies were awarded to the top
three in each category with medallions for fourth through tenth places.
There were five groups as follows: Grades three and four, five, six,
seven, and eight.

Grade 3-4

1. Payton Swearingen Rankin

2. Madison Psinas Washington – Pekin

3. Josiah Ryken Home School

4. Ben Murfin Washington – Pekin

5. Andy Hellrigel Tremont Grade

6. Caleb Sauder Brown – Morton

7. Jack Marlatt Rankin

8. Brian O’Saughnessy Washington – Pekin

9. Joshua Hagen Washington Dist 52

10. Keaton Walsh Grundy – Morton

Grade 5

1. Timothy Rassi Home School

2. Adam Mattus Washington Dist 52

3. Skyler Lin Bolin – E. Peoria

4. Joseph Conklin Grundy – Morton

5. Benjamin Steger St. Joseph’s

6. Jarad Presley Rankin

7. Cody Catton Rankin

8. Brandon Leichtenberg Rankin

9. Ethan Lacey St. Joseph’s

10. Shandal Tassart Rankin

Grade 6

1. Zack Hogan Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

2. Carl Resnick Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

3. Alex Roby Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

4. Amanda Buchanan Brown – Morton

5. Aaron Foster Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

6. Robert Lawrence Washington – Pekin

7. Noah VanLaningham Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

8. Spence Nace Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

9. Richie Messer Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

10. Noah Brooks Washington – Pekin

Grade 7

1. Daniel Juarez Home School

2. Patrick Schwinn Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

3. Howard Lin Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

4. Daniel Smalley Tremont Middle

5. Drake Gillespie Morton Jr. High

6. Chris Gentil Beverly Manor

7. Kevin Bright Tremont Middle

8. Caleb Childs Rankin

9. Logan Unger Central Jr. High – E. Peoria

10. Nathan Loftus Morton Jr. High

Grade 8

1. Justin Schick Morton Jr. High

2. Scott Keyser Morton Jr. High

3. Ethan Hosbrough Beverly Manor

4. Austin Braker Morton Jr. High

5. Nathaniel Kaiser Morton Jr. High

6. Austin Gillespie Rankin

7. Brett Graham Morton Jr. High

8. Tyler Gazelle Parkview – Creve Coeur

9. Jon Neis Beverly Manor

10. Caleb Roecker Morton Jr. High