The last update of the MSA program is version 1.7 on  01/17/2008.  

Fixed a few bugs.   Quotes in a USCF Name would cause problems.  Matches with Match Errors would cause problems.

Changed look a bit, with most views being in seperate windows now.


The MSA data program simply downloads the data for the selected individual USCF member to his or her computer and then analyses it to present the data in various ways.

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Click here to download the full installation of the MSA version 1.7 data program.

MSA version 1.7 has the following features.

1. Sortable Flexgrid with USCF ID#, Name,Result, Selected Player's Rating, Opponent's Rating,  Difference between the 2 ratings, Selected Player's Post Rating, Date Tournament was rated and Name of the Tournament.

2. Sortable Flexgrid with Individual Results including  Name, Wins, Draws, Losses and Total.

3. Number of Opponents played.

4. Total number of Rated games played,  (Does not include Quick Rated games.)

5.  Total number of wins.

6.  Total number of draws.

7.  Total number of losses.

8.  Best upset. (With Details)

9.  Best draw.  (With Details)

10. Worst loss. (With Details)

11. Highest rated opponent win.   (With Details)

12. Highest rated opponent draw.  (With Details)

13. Lowest rated opponent loss.  (With Details)

14. Selected players current Official Rating

15. Selected players current unoffical Rating

16. Selected players most recent winning streak

17. Selected players most recent drawing streak

18. Selected players most recent losing streak

19. Selected players Win / Draw / Loss record vs higher rated opponents

20. Selected players Win / Draw / Loss record vs equally rated opponents

21. Selected players Win / Draw / Loss record vs lower rated opponents

22. Variable by rating +/- version of Win / Draw / Loss vs opponents

23. Graph showing overview of your rating from tournament to tournament.

24. Same graph showing detail views.

25. Graph showing your rating at the end of each year.

26. Click on the tournament name and go to the USCF Web info.

27. Individual Results with Plus Percentage.