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 You may check one or two books out for up to two weeks and then return the book(s) or request renewal for another two weeks. Please do not write in any of the books, or mark pages. Please leave the book in the same condition for future users. The books may be picked up at Peoria Academy on Tuesdays, Hult on Fridays or the Lakeview Chess club on Monday nights.

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  While working on this page trying to find links to reviews and information about the Library books below I came across this page ChessCafe Reviews  and found it interesting.  If a Library book is underlined you can click on it and get some type of additional information, a review or just a picture of it's cover.  (Sometimes links get broken,  So let me know and I will try to update them.  Or if you want even more info just cut and paste the title into GOOGLE.   Note that the links below that take you to Amazon pages have Search Inside the books as a feature.

BOOKS new to the Library

  Play Like a Grandmaster by Alexander Kotov  {isbn 0713418079}
  Queen's Gambit Declined: Semi Slav by Tim Harding {isbn 0713424486}
  Queen's Gambit Accepted by Eduard Gufeld {isbn 0020207603}

  Train Like a Grandmaster by Alexander Kotov  {isbn 0713436093}

  The Alekhine for the Tournament Player by Lev Albert and Eric Schiller {isbn 0713415967}

  Sicilian: Sveshnikov Variation by A. Adorian and T. Horvath  {isbn 008029734XF}
  Unorthodox Openings by Joel Benjamin and Eric Schiller  {isbn 0020165900}
  How To Reassess Your Chess by Jeremy Silman {isbn 093865053X}
  Gruenfeld Defense - Russian Variations by Eric Schiller  {isbn 0931462843}
  Sicilian:Lasker-Pelikan by RG Wade,JS Speelman,NE Povah, LS Blackstock {isbn 0713416343}
  The Pirc for the Tournament Player by John Nunn {isbn 0713435895}
  How to become a Canidate Master by Alex Dunne {isbn 0938650378}
  Beating the Sicilian by John Nunn {isbn 0713408995}
  Grandmaster Preparation by L. Polugayevsky (isbn 0080240984}
  Play the Tarrasch by L Shamkovich & E Schiller {isbn 0080297471}
  Modern Stonewall Dutch by Eric Schiller {isbn 0931462967}
  Queen's Gambit Declined Exchange Variation by Jerry Konikowski {isbn 0931462487}
  Sicilian:Polugaevsky Variation by J. Walton

  Sahovski Informator #34 1982
  Sahovski Informator #35 1983
  Sahovski Informator #36 1983

  Encyclopedia of chess openings #2 B 1.e4 R 1...c5 1...e6  1.. e5  -- 1 e4 c5
  Encyclopedia of chess openings #2 C 1.e4e6 --  1.e4e5
  Encyclopedia of chess openings #2 D 1.d4d5 --1.d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3... d5
  Encyclopedia of chess openings #3 D 1.d4d5 --1.d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3... d7-d5
  Encyclopedia of chess openings #4 E 1.d4Nf6 2.c4 e6 --1.d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 d7-d5

The R.H.M Survey of Current Chess Openings This is a set of 3 looseleaf binders published in 1979
  The R.H.M Survey of Current Chess Openings-Kings Indian Defense 1
  The R.H.M Survey of Current Chess Openings-Nimzo-Indian Defense 1
  The R.H.M Survey of Current Chess Openings-Sicilian Defense 2



Winning Moves by Raymond Keene & Byron Jacobs          

Winning Chess Brilliancies by Yasser Seirawan        

Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player by GM Sam Palatnik & GM Lev Alburt 

Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps by Bruce Pandolfini          

Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps 2 by Bruce Pandolfini                               



Starting out: The Ruy Lopez by John Shaw

Starting Out: The Queens?s Gambit by John Shaw

Starting out: The Sicilian by John Emms      

How to Win in the Chess Opening by I. A. Horowitz          

Winning Chess Openings by Yasser Seirawan                                                          

Chess Openings the Easy Way by Nick de Firmian  

Chess Openings for Juniors by J.N. Walker  

The Benko Gambit Byron Jacobs & Andrew Kinsman         

Mastering the Opening by Byron Jacobs       

Taming the Sicillian by Nigel Davies 

Pirc Alert by Lev Alburt & Alex Chernin                                                                             

Secrets of the Sicillian Dragon by Edwuard Gufeld & Eric Schiller

Complete Defence to King Pawn Openings by Eric Schiller

Ideas behind Modern Chess Openings by Gary Lane

Improving your Opening play by Chris Ward



Mastering the Middlegame by Angus Dunnington                                                   

Improve Your Middle Game by Andrew Kinsman   



Pandolfini?s Endgame Course by Bruce Pandolfini

Chess Endgame Quiz by Larry Evans

Winning Chess Endings by Yasser Seirawan



Building Up Your Chess by Lev Alburt                                                        

Rapid Chess Improvement by Michael De La Maza                                                 

The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played by Irving Chernev                    

A Conplete Book of Chess Strategy by Jeremy Silman                                            

Development of A Chess Master by Eric Schiller                                         

Winning Chess Strategies by Yasser Seirawan                                                          

The World Champions Guide to Chess by Susan Polgar                              

The Chess Players Bible by James Eade                                                        

Kasparov and Deep Blue by Bruce Pandolfini                                              

Reassess Your Chess Workbook by Jeremy Silman                                       

Multiple Choice Chess 2 by Graeme Buckley                                                           

Everyone?s Chessbook by Dan Heisman                                                       

Tips for Young Players by Matthew Sadler                                                  

Pandolfini?s Chess Complete  by Bruce Pandolfini                                       

Action Chess by C. J. S. Purdy                                                                                 

Josh Waitzkin?s Attacking Chess by Josh Waitzkin                         

Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Chess Prodigy by Frank Brady