Peoria City Championship Details  last updated 02/24/2016

Changes to the City Championship for 2016


The Qualifying Events              Current Qualifiers

 1 Defending Champion               Andrew Fei
2 Runner up                               
Peter McConaghie
3 Greater Peoria Open                Gustav Jennetten
4 MidSummer Knights Dream     Wayne Zimmerle
5 Bradley Summer Open             Micheal Leali
6 Fall into Chess                          Patrick Li
7 Winter Qualifier                        Daniel Garrett
8 Ladder                                     Jayadeep Boya
9 Last Chance Qualifer                Adam Lonn

The top previously unqualified player in each of the above events will be taken.  Should a player decline to play after qualifying his or her

position would go to anyone that had tied but not since qualified.  If that person does not exist then that would become a committee assigned spot.

Committee Selected  Basic Guidelines  (The Committee currently consists of Murrel Rhodes, Daniel Garrett and Wayne Zimmerle)
10 Highest rated that will play       
Bill Naff   
11 Wild Card -                            
Ron Suarez
12 Committee chosen for various deserving reasons. Albert Li

A new tiebreak will be used in case of a tie.  The position will go to the Highest Rated player in the tie. 


The 12 qualifying players are divided into 2 sections of 6 players each. Each section plays a round robin and the section winners then meet in a match to determine the winner.

Assigning Players to Groups A and B.


Our goal is to have two reasonably even groups based on average rating. We do this by first selecting players in order of their rating and assigning them to group A or Group B.


For the first two players, we arbitrarily assign the highest rated player to Group A and the second to group B. So Group A received the highest player in position 1 of the six selections.


If we continue to alternate Group A and Group B (ABABABABABAB) in this way, then, for each of the six selection pairs, Group A will always get the higher rated player. To make it more fair and even out the ratings between the groups, we instead allow Group B to have the higher rated player in every other pair of selections (ABBAABBAABBA). This guarantees a more even and fair spread of players between the two groups.


The Finals Match.


The winners of the two groups meet in a final match. It takes at least 2 points and a lead in score to win the match. Possible scores are 2-0, 2-1, 2.5-.5, 2.5-1.5. If the score is tied at 2-2, we again go to a possible 2 games at G30+5 and 2 games at G5+3, played in a single meeting. The higher rated player receives White in the first game, colors are alternated thereafter.

Ratings Used.


All ratings are the most current available, taken from the rated events, often more recent than the latest published rating.