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Monday Night Leadership Change

The Kingsmen Monday night chess club is administered and run by the Greater Peoria Chess Foundation. The Foundation also runs the Friday night kids only Hult chess club meeting at Schnuck's for many years now. The Foundation also administers the Saturday and weekend tournaments in the Peoria area. The Foundation Officers are currently Murrel Rhodes, President, Peter McConaghie, Vice President and Patrick Cohen, Treasurer & Tournament Director.

Things are going to be different in 2020 but in new and improved ways.  There will be more involvement from the club members themselves. The following are among changes being made.

We are reverting the name of the Monday night club to the Kingsmen Chess Club. Our club has continuously met weekly since at least 1938 when a 15 year old Dean Lybarger joined the ongoing club. We don't know the history before that but the name change also strengthens our lineage claims through the 1945 US Open. Dropping the Federation name also ends confusion between the Federation and the Foundation. But don't worry, this link will continue to address this URL web page.

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Current 2020 City Championship Invitational Qualifiers

We meet at the Life Together Center at the corner of War Memorial Drive and Sheridan Road.
The Chess entrance is on the side of the building near the front.

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Monday Nights at 7:00pm - Organized Activities at 7:30pm

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