GPCF Scholastic Entry Info

 Scholastic Chess Tournament entry information

Make a standard list of those who normally play in tournaments and e-mail or call the Monday thru Wednesday before each Saturday tournament (deadline 8pm. Wednesday) Those who canít play at the last minute for what ever reason can be easily dropped out of computer on Sat morning 8-9am. Donít forget to bring your proof of membership in the USCF (good for a years worth of chess tournaments)

You pay your entry fee at registration time at each Saturday tournament during registration 8 to 9am. Checks ok. 1st round is at 9:30am and everyone plays four rounds of chess and we hand out trophies and are usually done and out by 3pm.

E-mail is preferred:    send  to or 367-4833

or to   H-686-0192 for H-692-4480

Weíll return confirmation of your entry.

Make sure we get the following information:

Name of School and City

Name - Last Name, First Name, Middle Name 

Grade -

USCF# if known

Rating if known

Date of birth


Malcome, Brian L  --  Grade 7, no USCF #, No rating, 1 May 93, Metamora Grade, Metamora